Our vision is to establish an Interest Free banking service to benefit commerce, trade and daily financial dealings of businesses and individuals. Positively impact the customers and society.

Business Model

Initially offer interest free investment products. Investors invest in the products such as real estate ventures and share in profit and loss.

Future Initiatives

  • Full Service interest free banking products
  • Mutual Funds and retirement products
  • Interest free checking and savings accounts
  • Eradication of poverty and illiteracy
  • Provide education and health care in developing nations CEO
Asif Dada

Experience working with major global banks, underwriters, capital markets and investment brokers. Responsible for issuing over 200 million dollars in bonds and other debt issues. Managing investment portfolios of up to 100 million dollars. Working with rating agencies such as Moody's and major investment premium insurers to enhance ratings and marketability of investment products.